Verudela Art Park - news

In order to refine and enrich the tourist offer of Pula with the lasting values ​​of contemporary art, Tourism Office Pula, City of Pula and Arena Hospitality Group will create the interdisciplinary and interactive space of Verudela Art Park, in cooperation with several partners and seven artists.

The new park area is located in Verudela, between the parking lot and Ambrela beach. The URBIS architects from Pula, Leonid Zuban and Dino Krizmanić will create the bases for the installation of the ambient sculptures, and thus define the 7 ISLANDS which, as sculptural installations, underline the idea of ​​mobility and TRAVEL, as well as CLOUDS as synonyms and symbols of modern tourism. Seven artists were selected for the realization of this demanding and valuable project:

  •  Eros Čakić, academy-trained sculptor, Pula
  •  Gualtiero and Simone Mocenni, sculptors, Pula and Milan
  •  Robert Pauletta, academy-trained painter, Pula
  •  Vedran Šilipetar, academy-trained sculptor and painter, Pula
  •  Roberta Weissman Nagy, academy-trained sculptor, Fažana
  •  Bojan Šumonja, academy-trained sculptor Pula
  •  Siniša Majkus, academy-trained sculptor, Matulji

The seven sculptures, each in its position, connect four soft, continuous spatial lines of cor-ten steel. Spatial lines follow the deleveling of the terraced terrain, shaping cuttings and fills, while approaching and distancing from each other and creating spatial tensions, thus forming a landscape for each sculpture.

The planning of the art park ensures a pedestrian approach from all directions, with an emphasis on the main entrance to the park from the parking lot where there is also the highest altitude difference towards the park that is overcome by steep steps along the cor-ten line. Names of the oceans and seas will be printed along the cor-ten steel line, as symbols of the location, but also the theme of the park - travels.

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