Embracing Diversity and Heritage

Galleries and art collections Gallery
  • AGM - Art Point Center
  • Archive of Tošo Dabac
  • Ethno Art Gallery
  • European Movement Croatia / European Home Zagreb
  • Zagreb Photo Club
  • French Pavilion
  • Gallery AMZ
  • Gallery Canvas
  • Gallery CEKAO
  • Divila Gallery
  • Events Gallery
  • Gallery EE
  • Gallery f8
  • Gallery Forum
  • Gallery HDD
  • Gallery of Croatain naive art
  • Gallery Ideal city
  • Gallery Kaptol
  • Gallery Klovićevi dvori
  • Kranjčar Gallery
  • Gallery of Kristofor Stanković
  • Gallery of Lions
  • Luka Gallery
  • Gallery Makek
  • Gallery Mala
  • Mijo Kovačić Gallery
  • Gallery Miroslav Kraljević
  • etc.

Galleries and art collections

Zagreb is a city that abounds in cultural diversity, and its galleries play a key role in presenting different artistic expressions. These galleries provide visitors with an insight into Croatia's rich art scene, as well as international artists who often exhibit their works in this colorful city.

Museums Gallery
  • The anti-museum
  • Archaelogical Musem
  • Cannabis Museum Zagreb
  • State Archives in Zagreb
  • Etnographic Museum
  • Glypoteka HAZU
  • Croatian State Archives
  • Croatian Museum of Architecture
  • Croatian Museum of Naive Art
  • Croatian History Museum
  • Croatian Museum of Natural History
  • Croatian School Museum
  • Croatian Sports Museum
  • Croatian Railway Museum
  • HT Museum
  • Cabinet of HAZU graphics
  • Lauba
  • Hunting Museum of the Croatian Hunting Association
  • Zagreb 1991/1995 Rocketry Memorial Center
  • Museum of Blessed Alojzij Stepinac
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Museum of Mushrooms
  • Museum of the City of Zagreb
  • Museum and workshop of Franjo Schneider
  • Museum of illusions 
  • The Hangover Museum
  • Museum of Architects
  • Museum of the new wave
  • Police Museum
  • The Museum of Broken Relationships
  • Museum of Prigorje
  • War Photography Museum
  • Museum of selfies and memories
  • Museum of Sports Cars
  • Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church
  • Trešnjevka neighborhood museum
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Zagreb Train Museum (Backo Mini Express)
  • Museum of Arts and Crafts
  • Museum of Ivan Meštrović, Atelier Meštrović
  • Dražen Petrovićć Museum and Memorial center
  • National Museum of Modern Art
  • Sacral Museum
  • Nikola Tesla Technical Museum
  • Typhological Museum
  • Zagreb in the 80s
  • The Jewish Museum


There are several important museums in Zagreb that cover various aspects of art, culture and history.

Theaters Gallery
  • Applause Theater
  • Wonderful Theater
  • Children´s scene Ribica
  • Dubrava Children´s Theater
  • Gavella City Drama Theater
  • City Theater Komedija
  • City Theater Trešnja
  • City Theater Žar ptica
  • Histrionic Home
  • Croatian National Theatre
  • Theater Ivan Goran Kovačić
  • Small Stage Theatre
  • Merlin Theatre
  • Theater Smješko
  • Comedy Theater Club
  • KNAP
  • KunstTeatar
  • Crazy House
  • Puppet scene "Ivana Brlić Mažuranić"
  • Kerempuh satirical theater
  • Scene Pond
  • Otter Scene
  • Theter & TD
  • Exit Theater
  • Rugantino Theater
  • TNT - Theater in Trešnjevka of the Trešnjevka Cultural Center
  • Zagreb Dance Centar
  • Zagreb Puppet Theatre
  • Zagreb Youth Theater


There are numerous theaters in Zagreb that attract domestic and international audiences with their diverse programs and artistic performances. With a wealth of cultural offerings and talented artists, Zagreb's theaters represent an important part of the city's life, attracting art lovers and creating unforgettable moments on stage for audiences of all ages.

Concert halls Gallery
  • Blagorje Bersa
  • Home of sports Zagreb
  • HALL Zagreb
  • Croatian Music Institute
  • Concert hall of Vatroslav Lisinski
  • Basketball center Dražen Petrović
  • Studio Zvonimir Bajsić, HRT

Concert halls

Zagreb is a city of music, and concert halls are important cultural spaces where various musical events are held. These halls attract music lovers of all genres and represent an important part of the city's life.

Cinema Gallery
  • Cineplexx
  • Cinestar Arena IMAX
  • Cinestar Novi Zagreb
  • Cinestar Zagreb
  • Dokukin´s KIC
  • Forum
  • Kaptol Boutique Cinema
  • Cinema Europe
  • Cinematheque
  • Tuškanac summer stage


There are several cinemas in Zagreb that provide diverse movie content and experiences to viewers. These cinemas represent an important part of the film culture in the city and allow visitors to enjoy a wide selection of film genres, from blockbusters to art-house films.

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