Situation in Istria and Croatia

Due to the prompt and professional reaction of the competent institutions of the Republic of Croatia, the current situation in Istria and Croatia is favourable. The public health system is not overloaded and is well supplied with the necessary materials, while the introduced measures ensure successful management of the situation.

We are proud of the expertise, promptness, efforts and dedication shown and undertaken by all competent institutions of the Republic of Croatia and the Istrian County, as well as public health professionals. We would like to express our gratitude and support to all of them once again.

The current epidemiological situation in Croatia is under control. The total number of confirmed cases is 26,863, of which 20,962 have recovered. The current number of active cases is 5,519 (20.10.2020). In Istria, early introduced measures shown to be effective as the number of active cases is currently 51 (20.10.2020).

The public health system of Croatia is continuously functioning efficiently and is well supplied with the necessary materials. The planned and undertaken measures ensured and continued to ensure successful management of this crisis. In line with the epidemiological situation, further relaxation of the measures is expected.

Istria – the Green Heart of Europe and the World

According to data published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium, Istria is officially the region with the most favourable epidemiological situation not only in Europe but also worldwide, thus remaining the only green region on the corona map of the world (14.10.2020). We are grateful to all citizens and guests of the Istrian County who, through their responsible behaviour, enabled Istria to remain a safe region for living and travelling.

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Zahvaljujući kvalitetnom javno zdravstvenom sustavu i visokim epidemiološkim standardima Hrvatska i dalje ima jednu od najboljih epidemioloških situacija u EU i najmanje aktivnih slučajeva među EU članicama na Mediteranu. Također, detaljno su razrađene smjernice u slučaju pojave zaraženih u turističkim destinacijama, a svi turistički djelatnici upoznati su s istima.


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