UNICEF recognition for business practices responsible towards children

On the occasion of World Children's Day, UNICEF's Advisory Body on Children’s Rights and Socially Responsible Business presented examples of good business practices of Croatian companies responsible towards children. We are proud that Arena Hospitality Group is one of the 14 presented companies, as the only hospitality company with the demonstrated good and positive practice of responsibility towards children.

The aim of this UNICEF project was to find out how individual companies in Croatia respect children's rights in practice, strengthen the visibility of business practices of Croatian companies that respect the rights and welfare of children and thus motivate other companies to more actively engage regarding children's rights.

Arena Hospitality Group is one of the first companies in Croatia to adopt a child protection policy in its business processes and activities. Our child protection policy defines in great detail the circumstances, responsibilities, legal basis, processes of action and all other information necessary for an adequate response. We implement and will continue to implement policies and practices that contribute to children's rights, monitor their implementation and report on results, and take corrective action for the benefit of children.

On this occasion, the member of the Management Board and the director of marketing and sales of Arena Hospitality Group, Mrs Manuela Kraljević stated: "We want to be the initiators of positive change and good practices in our community and we hope that more companies will follow the same path. We believe that the greatest value of the future is the creation of a responsible business model sustainable in the long-term, which includes, among other things, child protection policy. We started working with UNICEF a few years ago on another project, but since then we see them as a new friend and a strong partner with the best international experience in guiding a company like ours. We believe that our journey together has just begun – because, let's not forget, children are our most important job. "

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