Scott Millan Oscar winner in Grand Hotel Brioni

Arena Hospitality Group was honoured to host the four-time Oscar winner in the Best Sound and Best Sound Mixing category, Mr Scott Millan, at the newly opened Grand Hotel Brioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel. Mr Scott Millan is one of the greatest sound designers in the history of cinematography; he was nominated nine times for the Academy Award (Oscar) and won the award four times. 

He received an Academy Award (Oscar) for his work on the films Gladiator, Apollo 13, Ray and The Bourne Ultimatum. Mr Scott Millan also has five nominations for the EMMY award, of which he received one for the film Stalin. Furthermore, for one of the most prestigious world awards, BAFTA - he was nominated nine times and won four times for the films Braveheart, Ray, Skyfall and 1917.

President of the Management Board, Mr Reli Slonim, and the Member of the Management Board, Mrs Manuela Kraljević, had a pleasant time with the Oscar winner and his wife. As a sign of gratitude for his stay at the hotel, they presented him with a painting by the Pula artist Robert Pauletta from his series of polyptychs inspired by ancient heritage, which the artist created for the hotel Grand Brioni.

We spoke with Mr Scott Millan after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday. The International Sound and Film Music Festival awarded the award in the Pula Arena, during which the film Gladiator, for which he received an Oscar, was shown.

We asked him what his first impressions were and how he felt in Pula: "This is my first visit to Croatia, and I didn't know what to expect. From the moment I arrived, I was delighted by the hospitality and warmth of the people. Also, as a guest, I feel very comfortable and safe here. I was amazed by the rich history of Pula, and I was especially impressed by the Arena Pula and the projection of the movie Gladiator in it. I think it's just the perfect stage for that film, which instilled in me tremendous respect: I watched the audience and their reactions and looked up at the starry sky; it was almost unreal. I thought about how much time and lives have passed since the Arena was built until today when it is still a magnificent stage for various events. I was touched by how many viewers came to the Arena that evening to watch a film that was filmed more than 20 years ago and still evokes emotion in the viewers; that's the most important thing for me: confirmation of a job well done and motivation for further work. "

When asked how he felt in the hotel and about his first impression, he said: "I was utterly open-minded; I didn't know what to expect. After we settled in the room, I called my son and told him that this was one of the most beautiful places I had the opportunity to visit. Believe me, I wouldn't lie to my son!

Also, in these few days, I had the opportunity to enjoy Istrian cuisine, autochthonous varieties of wine and olive oil. I can say that all aspects of Istrian gastronomy greatly exceeded my expectations."

Like the hotel industry, the film industry is constantly changing to be innovative and attract and engage audiences. We asked Mr Millan how he comments on the film industry's evolution from his beginnings to today and his key to success: "Everything worthy will stand the test of time and evoke emotion in the viewer, just like this hotel with a great tradition of 50 years. It's the same with film; it is essential to work from the heart, have sincere intentions, respect the audience, and time is the ultimate test.

If you take pride in what you do and are consistent in your work, you will be successful. Such a reputation becomes part of who you are and your identity. I take it very seriously. In my job, my client is my director; I have to understand his needs and wants and find solutions to make him satisfied. The same logic is imposed in the hotel industry, it is necessary to provide the best possible service to the guest, and it is essential to find ways to do it."

Finally, we asked him if he thought the Grand Hotel Brioni would be a good scene for a film. He replied: "Of course, this hotel is special, not only because of its unique location but also because of the building's architecture and design. It breathes calmness and sophistication. You have the feeling of being in a museum, in a positive way. "

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