Participating in the roundtable "Creative Autumn in Istria"

Arena Hospitality Group board member Manuela Kraljević, as part of the „Creative Autumn in Istria“, participated in the Roundtable "Artist Interventions in Public Space - Past and Present, Possibility for Urban Development", organized by the Croatian Association of Interdisciplinary Artists - HUiU and Istrian Cultural Agencies - IKA, October 15, 2019 at the Hotel Park Plaza Histria.

"Creative Autumn in Istria" is the result of the cooperation between civil and public cultural organizations from the County of Istria, it is a sort of synergy of several projects in culture that is currently being implemented, all with one common goal: the development of the cultural sector in Istria.

The theme of the roundtable, which is aimed to define the possibilities of returning original works of art to public and private spaces, has also covered the notion of the regeneration of cultural-driven cities. Arena Hospitality Group served as an example of good practice in engaging and supporting cultural events in the local community since community involvement is one of the key elements within the Arena Hospitality Group's Responsible Business Experience strategy.

The event itself began in front of Marina Wing at the Park Plaza Histria Hotel with the grand opening of the sculpture "Dance" by Đani Bulić.  According to the author, "The sculpture Dance is the result of the process of seeking a seemingly impossible balance between two different volumes. The sculpture represents a dance of a man and a woman, the relationship of their emotional reactions displayed through the form of a hyper-cube. "

We are honoured that this sculpture has found its place in the open space within the Park Plaza Histria Hotel to the satisfaction of our many guests and passers-by.

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