Guests from South Korea explore the beauty of Croatia: Direct flight route introduced Zagreb-Seoul!

New direct flight routes, combined with excellent hotel offers, provide travelers with an extraordinary opportunity for an unforgettable vacation and exploration of all the beauties of Croatia. Zagreb Airport has become richer for yet another attractive destination - Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The direct flight route between Zagreb and Seoul, offered by the renowned company T'way, with three flights a week, opens new doors for travel between these two dynamic cities.

The adventure for guests from South Korea begins upon arrival in the capital of Croatia. Travelers who choose to stay at the art'otel Zagreb have the opportunity to experience luxury and artistic atmosphere before embarking on further exploration. art'otel Zagreb offers not only comfort and elegance but also an inspiring experience of art at every step.

After enjoying the charms of Zagreb, guests can extend their journey to the Adriatic coast, staying at Arena Hotels and Resorts in Pula and Medulin. Just a few hours' drive from the capital of Croatia, these hotels provide a perfect seaside retreat. Located near beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and picturesque landscapes, Arena Hotels and Resorts offer everything needed for a relaxing and exciting vacation.

With a wealth of cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and top-notch hotel offers, the journey from Seoul to Zagreb and onwards to the Adriatic coast becomes not only easy but also an unforgettable experience. For travelers who want to explore all the beauties of Croatia, this new flight route and exceptional hotel offer provide a perfect opportunity for an unforgettable journey.

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