Digital Nomads

The current crisis caused by the global pandemic has shown that thanks to digital technology, we can do most of the work both in the office and anywhere else in the world. It is enough to have a laptop, a mobile device and a quality internet connection.

Many individuals and companies have been taking advantage of these technologies for years, and the current situation has significantly confirmed and consolidated trends in doing business outside the classic office. Such individuals are popularly called "digital nomads". They are increasingly accepted at all levels of society and all other activities are rapidly adapting to them.

Arena Hospitality Group, always open to new market challenges, is ready to provide guests with a complete service needed not only for the purpose of vacation but also for the purpose of working during their stay in our hotels and campsites.

A stay at Park Plaza Histria Pula enables an escape from a hectic and an overly dynamic rhythm and routine of everyday life. The beachfront location of the hotel allows you to enjoy a magnificent sea view and the surrounding nature while performing all business tasks and obligations without any disturbance.

The hotel offers high-quality digital infrastructure throughout the year. By accepting new market challenges, we have provided the minimum necessary for digital nomads:

  • Self-check-in
  • Contactless payment
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Netflix application (Arena Grand Kažela, Park Plaza Histria)
  • Ott IPTV service for watching TV channels anywhere in the hotel
  • Mobile application for "best guest experience"

Stay with us even in these uncertain times and allow yourself only the best and most complete service.

Stay well and healthy at Park Plaza Histria Pula!

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