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art’otels are a contemporary collection of hotels that fuse exceptional architectural style with art-inspired interiors, located in cosmopolitan centres across Europe. Art and culture are integral parts of the art’otel concept. Each art'otel is devoted to an artist, whose original artwork is showcased all over the hotel, transforming the hotel into a gallery.

The vision of the art'otel brand is to develop a unique hotel brand that fuses art and life and creates openness to new experiences and challenges. Some of the brand keywords are: inspiring, enthusiastic, fun, memorable, vibrant, contemporary and stylish.

Arena Hospitality Group is owner of 5 Hotels that are part of this brand: art’otel berlin mitte (devoted to George Baselitz), art’otel berlin kudamm (devoted to Andy Warhol), art’otel dresden (devoted to recently deceased A.R. Penck), art’otel cologne (devoted to SEO) and art’otel budapest (devoted to Donald Sultan).

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