Arena Hospitality Group & Kamgrad donation to Pula General Hospital

Arena Hospitality Group d.d. (AHG) and Kamgrad d.o.o. purchased and donated medical equipment for the disinfection of sensitive medical devices and spaces at Pula General Hospital.

Following AHG's recent support to Pula General Hospital which included donation of LCD TVs for the new hospital ward, ongoing preparation of lunch packages for hospital workers and having its own team members assisting in the preparation and cleaning of new hospital wards, AHG has again put on disposal its capabilities to offer additional assistance to Pula General Hospital and thus to the local community.

In cooperation with Pula General Hospital and based on their expressed need, AHG has, together with its long-time partner Kamgrad d.o.o., one of the leading domestic companies in the construction sector, decided to finance the purchase of medical equipment,  more precisely UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer in order to support Pula General Hospital in overcoming COVID-19 as efficiently as possible. The total amount of HRK 362,500 will be financed in 50% / 50% ratio between Kamgrad and AHG.

UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer is the best-selling device in the category in the world, Europe and Croatia. It is a standalone wheeled device equipped with 4 UV-C bulbs with 360 degree operation and infrared motion sensors. The device comes with its own software with time management capabilities and a remote control capable of turning the device on from a distance of at least 15 meters.

The cooperation between Kamgrad and AHG on the numerous projects of refurbishment of accommodation facilities lasts for many years. The most complex projects involved complete refurbishment of the accommodation facilities, raising their category to 4 stars and meeting the high standards of the hotel brand Park Plaza Hotels & Resorts. Results of those projects are the hotels today known as Park Plaza Histria, including Marina Wing, Park Plaza Belvedere, Park Plaza Nurenberg, and Resort Park Plaza Verudela while Arena Grand Kažela Campsite is currently in the final stage of completion.

Director of Kamgrad, Mr. Domagoj Kamenski, said on this occasion: “In these extraordinary and difficult moments, we especially appreciate the efforts that healthcare professionals make in treating their patients, so we are pleased that with this donation we can help the Pula General Hospital continue their praiseworthy work. We also thank our longtime partner AHG for the support and cooperation, and we hope that together, even after these extraordinary circumstances cease, we will continue to cooperate and help all those in need. ”

Focusing on the severity of coronavirus pandemic situation and the circumstances surrounding Pula General Hospital, CEO of AHG, Mr. Reli Slonim said: “I am happy to continue helping the hospital and the community in which we live. Even more than the financial aid, I am proud and grateful for the efforts our team members put in preparing lunch packages for hospital workers and in cleaning new hospital ward. I would also like to thank the Kamenski family for their commitment to support the purchase of the much needed device for Pula General Hospital. I am pleased that our cooperation has reached a level where we can, together, be of help during difficult times. I want to believe that this device will not have to be used much meaning that these difficult times will soon be behind us and that we will return to a happy and healthy everyday life.

Director of Pula General Hospital, Doctor Irena Hrstić, PhD, thanked the donors by saying: “A community in which there is empathy and solidarity makes the work easier and more motivating. We are happy that Arena Hospitality Group and Kamgrad recognized our work and the needs of Pula General Hospital and offered generous assistance. With this noble gesture and the purchase of UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer, they have provided a high level of protection against infection of patients, healthcare professionals and hospital spaces. This device is extremely needed in this crisis, but also in the future. We are immensely grateful to Arena Hospitality Group and Kamgrad, their management and staff for their selflessness and constructive assistance. "

With this donation, AHG and Kamgrad reaffirmed their social responsibility and commitment to the shared well-being of the local community in which they operate while employing local workers.

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