Arena Hospitality Group and Uljanik Sailing Club signed a partnership agreement

The signing ceremony was attended by the management and members of Uljanik Sailing Club, friends, sailing enthusiasts, and representatives of Arena Hospitality Group, including the President of the Management Board, Mr Reli Slonim, and the Member of the Management Board and Director of Marketing and Sales, Ms Manuela Kraljević.

Mr Slonim expressed his satisfaction with the long-standing collaboration, emphasizing that Arena Hospitality Group will continue to be a partner of JKU in organizing sailing and related events, all for the purpose of promoting this beautiful sport, as well as the region that has the potential to become one of the most recognizable sailing destinations.

"We are happy to be here today and support one of Croatia's most successful sailing clubs. We are proud to have collaborated with the Uljanik Sailing Club for many years, and today's formal signing of the agreement confirms our friendship and cooperation. We are pleased to support the local community. JKU is a club with a long and successful history, and we want to promote sailing as a sport while helping JKU achieve its goals so that we can ultimately create even better results in the sports and tourism sectors together," said Mr Slonim.

The Member of the Management Board and Director of Marketing and Sales, Ms Manuela Kraljević, also expressed her satisfaction with this collaboration, emphasizing how Arena Hospitality Group continuously supports the development of sports, culture, and many other organizations that are important for the development of the local community.

"Sailing is a beautiful sport that has a special place in our hearts, promotes the beauty of our sea, region, and Pula, and we are proud to be partners of JKU," concluded Ms Kraljević.

The partnership between Arena Hospitality Group and Uljanik Sailing Club represents a significant step in promoting sailing and tourism in Pula and Istria. Arena Hospitality Group will assist JKU in procuring a new club van, and future collaboration will only further strengthen the existing and successful partnership between JKU and AHG on projects such as MAXI ON and CSC CUP, the international Easter regatta in Arena Medulin Campsite.

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