A donation by the AHG to Pula general hospital

A donation worth 20 thousand euro was given to the pediatrics ward of Pula general hospital. The funding for the donation was provided by the county of Medulin, Bina-Istra and Arena Hospitality Group.

Mrs. Irena Hrstić, director of Pula general hospital states that currently there are four incubators in the hospital's unit for sick infants and prematurely born babies. Thanks to these devices appropriate care can be given to babies in need. Also, this provides an opportunity for parents to have normal physical contact with their children. Dr. Mladen Jašić, pediatrician and  neonatalogist also stated that this incubator is necessary in their everyday work and is critical in providing a suitable microenvironment to newborn babies. Mr. Reuel (Reli) Slonim, Chairman of the Board of AHG, said during the presentation of the device: We, the economically strong, have a duty to recognize the needs of our community and to provide support where needed. This is a continuation of a cycle of good vibrations of giving that always eventually comes back to us. This is best seen in the economical prosperty of the region which has been recognized as a tourist mecca, not only in Croatia, but also in the world.

We are proud of this humanitary action which was not the first time AHG donated to the community. Our cooperation with local community will go on and we wish to help those in need the most.

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