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Entire Istria, especially its southern part, where Pula and Medulin are situated, has an extremely pleasant and mild climate. Such a climate is the greatest advantage for all types of Croatia adventure holidays and sports activities, and it enables athletes and recreationists to enjoy such activities all year round.

Pula and Medulin boast a large number of trails for jogging or horseback riding in nature, as well as mountain bike and cycling trails. Such features make them not only ideal summer seaside resorts but also attractive during the warm spring and mild autumn days when many guests arrive to engage in their favorite activities in direct contact with untouched nature.

Recreationists are not the only ones to visit these areas. Numerous professional athletes and sports teams traditionally arrive in Pula and Medulin for their preparations. Well-equipped Arenahotels facilities, numerous tennis courts and football fields, years-long experience in organizing sports groups ,and tournaments guarantee top-quality preparations for all kind of sports.

Those who are not satisfied with traditional sports can opt for new and more extreme Croatian adventures like paragliding, hang-gliding, parachuting, free climbing, caving, paintball, wreck diving or something else. In any case there are great options to choose from.

Brochure Sport - EN

Brochure Sport - EN

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